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Today the counter-top comes in many different materials, finish and design  of the surface. The quartz or engineered stone get more popular, but the natural stone (granite, marble, soapstone) is still in demand. Manufacturing innovations made quartz with patterns like marble and granite, more veining and drama that adding more character to their material. But for unique looking it cannot be compare to the natural stone. Another criteria is the surface finishing. It could be high gloss (shine), low gloss(not shine), honed and leather. All these surfaces can be applied to all material, such as granite, marble, soapstone or quartz such as granite, marble, soapstone or quartz. Many people thinking that quartz is better because does not need any maintenance, and natural stone require more special cleaner, seal and etc. But remember that innovations changing also all products for natural stone. Now many sealers for granite or marble has warranty for 5, 10 or event 20 years. On another way many quartz companies start to sale sealer for quartz, same like special cleaner too. I just say that, to show you that all counter-tops – granite, quartz, marble, or soapstone are great, and will transfer kitchen or bathroom in totally new look. But, like you see, there are many different choices for the material of the counter-top, as same for the surface finishing, color and patterns. One of the best way to make right decision get help from professional designer. He should put together everything, style of kitchen, appliances, color of your floor, wall, as well as lighting and many another details.

 All people are different, and they always looking to create their own vision according to their personal taste, for anything in their house. Our main goal, like professional remodeling and designer company is to put together your taste, your vision, and your dream and make it real.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation is not just counter-top solution. It is many more:

Cabinets, Functional, Color, Wall covering, Lighting, Hardware, Decorating, Smart technology.

Some of these topics will be next.

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